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Die Steel

North Coast Industrial Service's Die Steel

All surplus die blocks we sell are Finkl die steel that is Rockwell C/Brinell Hardness tested, UT inspected, and grain flow verified and marked.

                                             We are also ITAR and ISO approved and certified.                                                



On top of precut sizes, we provide:

  • Hammer Dies
  • Press Dies
  • Sow Blocks
  • Bolster
  • Trimmers
  • Hammer Keys, Wedges, Guides, and Shanks
  • FX2 or FX3


Precut Sizes Ready to Ship:

10x18x18 10x20x20
10x20x22 11x20x22
11x22x22 11x22x24
12x22x24 12x24x24
12x26x26 14x26x26
14x28x28  28x32x36