About Us

North Coast Industrial Service - Inside

            Originally formed in northeastern Ohio by Jim Charbonneau, current President and CEO of North Coast, and son of a steel industry veteran, when he noticed that surplus die blocks continually went unnoticed in throughout the steel market. Since then, North Coast has been the world leader in surplus die blocks for over thirty years.


            Now North Coast consistently ushers in innovation and services directed at simplifying business for our customers. Spearheading affairs for surplus die blocks, we've quickly moved to the vanguard of the worldwide market. North Coast outperforms competition globally, with customers in over five foreign countries and all across the continental United States we're powerfully established in the steel industry. Being ISO and ITAR registered and approved our reliability is ensured. Customers continually trust North Coast due to our ability to provide products with proven performance and durability while maintaining cost-effectiveness in an ever-changing market.


            North Coast strives in multiple markets and collaborates with manufacturers from various industries, including aerospace, automotive, closed and open forges, defense, oil and gas, power generation, and more. With an extensive knowledge and a drive to endlessly better customer relations and industry experience, North Coast can deliver clear-cut solutions to our customers.